Saturday, November 8, 2014


This was a quick 26 hour mileage run.  I was in the air 18 of the 26 hours.

Saturday November 8th

Segment 1: DFW-JFK

Arrived at Admiral's Club and had coffee and worked in business center. They have half-size bagels now. They still have those awful chocolate or vanilla-looking small muffins loaded with preservatives that clog up your system.

Got to my gate and see all these people on the upgrade list. 

I am not on it since I got my upgrade days ago. These are all Platinum or Gold people on the list who did not get a confirmed upgrade yet.  You can see (below) only one got the upgrade.  And so that is why I fly. Why I fly 100,000 flight miles (not bonus or credit card miles) EACH year. That is why I work so hard and spend money to get to Executive Platinum. 

It is flight 64 and the last digit (4) is an even number.  That means the meal service will start from the front. If you are sitting in the last row of first class, by the time they get to you, they will have, most likely, run out of selections. So that is why I selected the first row, 3E, bulkhead aisle.  I am first on the plane and the first off the plane.

Look how lucky I got. A brand new 737-800. Smell it. Look at these seats. 

Plus, look, it has its own large monitor.  Look in the arm to the left, you will see the hand held remote control.  The other 737's do not have the remote or the monitor.

Beautiful ceiling blue lighting 

I like this monitor.  It has all the selections I get when I fly the 777 internationally.

The plaque above the door says 08 OCT 2014. So the plane is exactly 30 days old. How lucky.

The entertainment system looks good. Unfortunately mine pixelated and froze and the remote stopped working and it was miserable.  But look, it looks pretty nifty.

Turn it over and there is a full QWERTY keyboard and on the left, the black thing, is a joystick

Plugs are a little hard to get to. You have to bend down, look between the seats and try to figure which socket  you want and then try to stick the plug in.  While you are sitting, you have no idea what plug is what.  Not a good design.  The top one is the headphone jack.  Next is USB.  Next is video.  Next is power.

And the meal service started.  Ever since US Air came into the picture, the coffee cups became smaller and taller and contain only half as much liquid.  Notice the dishes have changed shape also.

The tray now has this little mat instead of a paper cloth.  The salad was good, but a little too much dressing.  We should be able to pour our own or they should ask us how much we want.  The deviled eggs were excellent.  The chicken was good, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy.  Roll came later.  That is the problem.  Rolls always come later - when the meal is done.  I don't understand why.  Makes no sense.

Lemon cake was good.

Headed towards Atlanta and then up the coast.  Can't remember why.

The screen has great graphic capabilities and displays very valuable information and the ground shifts as the plane flies.  Cathay Pacific actually has cameras mounted under the plane, on the vertical tail, etc. and you can switch between them and watch live.

Landed at JFK. Here is our 737. 

Straight to the Admiral's Club and then into the FlagShip Lounge

So I got there and there was the Tea service.  I really wanted dinner but that wasn't coming out till 4:30 and I would be gone by then.  The soup was good.

The sandwich bread (on the left) were sort of dry, not very tasty.

And the desserts were good

Too bad I don't drink, but there are free drinks.  Lots of beer down below.  On the bottom right is the sparkling Perrier water, I drink a lot of that.

And sodas down below.  Top right is cookies.

Took a shower.  Towels are wrapped in a nice bow.  Nice touch.  I see they redid the showers, a few months ago, they had old hardware inside the shower stall.

Nice shower head.

Great view of New York City - to the left is downtown and to the right is midtown and the Empire State Building.  There is an old 737 on the bottom right with the old paint livery.  Looks good.

And here is the Airbus 321T that I will board from JFK to LAX

It has three cabins. 1st class seats are the same as business class on the 777-300ER that I just took to and from Hong Kong. 

Business class also has lie flat but there are two on each side

My seat

This is across the aisle from me

Once again, the sockets are in an odd place: turn to your right and look back to around 5 o'clock

Big screen and identical small handheld almost like an iPhone

Welcome champagne and orange juice tray

Great mood lighting 

And the menu

And the best part any American flight is the sundae. 

Too bad I don't drink

Flight screen

View of the city

And about to land 45 min early due to favorable winds 

Spent an hour walking the small terminal. Then sat in the Admiral's lounge for a while. Then got back on the same exact Airbus 321T for a 9:50 PM departure.  Sat in first row of business, seat 3C aisle.